Monkey Puzzle Orchestra

Monkey-Puzzle-Orchestra-Painting-FaceThe Monkey Puzzle Orchestra is a free-form musical ensemble dedicated to creating unique, innovative music that ignores traditional concepts of genre and categorization.

Drawing from the member’s backgrounds in world music, jazz, rock and experimental music, the MPO unifies a wide variety of musical influences into a seamless blend that includes and expands upon all of these approaches.  A mixture of improvisation and composition, the music aspires to combine authentic free expression and unfettered experimentation with traditional forms.

The members of the Orchestra are all multi-instrumentalists, deploying traditional western instruments, a staggering array of “ethnic” instruments from the four corners of the globe and instruments invented and constructed by the group.

The resulting musical ‘soup’ is acoustic and electric, traditional and experimental, peaceful and challenging.  It’s unique and fresh – just what the doctor ordered for ear-weary listeners looking for something new.  It will transport you to places that you’ve never been.


“I am always on the hunt for music that can either play as background music while I’m working, or can completely envelope me when I listen quietly in a dark room; Ephemera does both wonderfully well. If you don’t listen to anything else today, and appreciate great ambient music, DEFINITELY check this one out.”

–          The Equal Ground

“The Monkey Puzzle Orchestra performs experimental music that is deeply layered with unusual combinations of elements creating a hypnotic effect…”

–          The Every Other Weekly, Bellingham, WA.

“Some Indonesian, and other ethno inspirations with easy in the ear jazzy improvisations on a flowing structure with now and then a small psychedelic touch…”

–          Radio Centraal, Antwerp,Belgium